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Kenaf Partners USA

Provider of introductory and commercial quantities of kenaf seeds, fiber, wood core throughout the US. Research and Development of seed varieties that can grow in all USA latitudes. Sharing successful actions and useful information throughout the industry via web site, books, consulting,networking.  

Our Mission

Kenaf Partners USA started out in 2017 to discover the successful actions in the kenaf supply chain and share it with others. Since that time, 39 varieties of kenaf have been tested for seed germination, fiber and hurd yield, and locations where mature and viable seed can be grown. Starting out this way it has been discovered that demand is much higher than the supply in the US. In order to meet the demands my focus has been on addressing the three bottlenecks. 1.seed supply 2. processing equipment 3. harvesting equipment (seed-fiber-hurd). As of 23 August 2022 we now have the partnerships to provide these and begin to scale up to meet the ever growing demands. 

About Us

Bob Lawrason

Founder , CEO Kenaf Partners USA

Kenaf Partners USA is a group of connected expert individuals and companies throughout the USA and around the globe. We recognize the potential and importance of kenaf and are dedicated to our specialty in the kenaf industry and supply support chain. My part is at the forefront providing information through books and useful advice for your kenaf business adventure, high quality kenaf seed, high quality fiber and wood core to meet the various specifications of buyers.

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